Egg McMama

Egg McMama is an Egg McMuffin impersonator.

English muffin, egg, cheese, ham/sausage/etc (whatever you prefer).

Beat a dozen eggs together in a big bowl. Coat muffin tin with Pam or other non-stick spray. Pour eggs into muffin tin, about 1/2 full I’ve found works best because when the eggs cook, they “expand”…

While the eggs are baking (yes, baking!) – I make an assembly line of: separated english muffins, cheese slices, and meats.

Once the eggs are done, just pop them out of the muffin pan and assemble on muffins with the other ingredients.

I package mine in a sandwich bag (1 per bag), then 4 or so in a gallon size freezer bag, then they live (for just a short time at my house) in a shoebox with “Breakfast” written on the front of it in my freezer. The shoebox fits right in the side-by-side freezer and keeps all the little Egg McMama’s from falling all over the place.

When you’re ready to eat – take them out of the freezer bag and sandwich bag – wrap in a dry paper towel and microwave for about 2 minutes. Let it stand a minute or so after nuking to “finish cooking” through the inside and to let the outside cool a bit.


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A Science Educator and her students.
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